What our Customers say...


Letter Received: "The Regional Trail Corporation is very grateful for your cleaning services for our Visitor's Center. Your staff provided exceptional cleaning in a very respectful and non-intrusive manner. West Newton Station is a major stopping point for users of the Great Allegheny Passage and having a newly cleaned station is a plus for our visitors."

Email Kudos: "Hi Lynn & Harold, I just want to let you know Jermaine and Chad did a fantastic job on the MUM kitchen floor. They worked very hard on it. Thank you for sending your "A" Team!!"

-- Karen Marci

Adjuster from Homesite Insurance received a call from his client. The insured stated that all of the SERVPRO crew members that have been helping out with their loss have been "great". The person stated that the building owner was rather difficult to work with, however, "SERVPRO crews didn’t back down and took the time needed to do the job correctly."

"My husband started to have terrible allergies and asthma, SERVPRO came in and cleaned the entire house, our air ducts, and made sure we didn't have any mold. My husband could feel the difference in his breathing almost immediately. We will now be using SERVPRO for an annual cleaning."

"SERVPRO saved my family pictures after a small fire in my basement. I can't explain how grateful I am."

"SERVPRO staff was kind and knowledgeable, I would highly recommend Abbey and Jermaine."

Client Satisfaction Survey from a joint job of two SERVPROs: "The entire SERVPRO staff from management down through the labor were well trained, organized, and professional! It was a pleasure to work with all concerned. Many thanks to Pete, Ben and both of their crews!"

"My office caught on fire, so not only did I have fire damages, but it also sustained water damages from the Fire Department putting it out. I called SERVPRO in the middle of night and they connected me to a manager who came and secured the board up of my windows, and crew was out the next day. My office was up and running the next week."

"Our local SERVPRO was damaged quite badly after Hurricane Matthew, and we were unsure of how long we were going to be stuck on wait lists for help, but SERVPRO corporate connected us with Metro Pittsburgh Storm Team, and they started working on our flood damages right away. I couldn't be any more pleased with their results."

"SERVPRO came to my rescue so fast. My free estimate was done within the day I called and service started that night, just as requested. My home was done in time for my daughter's birthday party."

Ms. Butka called the General Manager of SERVPRO Metro-Pittsburgh to comment on our South Hills Marketing Representative Adam Boehm

She stated she has been an insurance agent for many years, and is accustomed to her day being interrupted by various vendors. Today she was visited by Adam and was extremely impressed. Ms. Butka said Adam had a wonderful personality; and was very sincere when speaking and listening to her.

"My wife has extreme sensitivity when it comes to her immune system, especially allergies and sickness, so we were nervous about how this mold would affect her. Matt and Shane kept everything clean and contained the entire time and we never had any issues. Highly recommend."  

Client Satisfaction Survery: 

"Chad, Vince, and Ben handled our issues fast and effectively."

Client Satisfaction Survey: "Everything was handled greatly. Very good service!!"

Client Satisfaction Survey:

"Jermaine and his crew were polite and courteous, especially appreciated when you are stressed out about home damage. Would highly recommend this crew."