Water Damage Photo Gallery

Water and Moisture Removal from a Nursing Home

A sprinkler system had gone awry wetting the corridor of this Nursing Home in Shadyside. The heated air movers and conduit helped to quickly dry out the excess moisture from the air, critical for the senior residents of this commercial establishment.


Backflow Water Damage

Accidents do happen, but there are plenty of ways to help prevent your home from experiencing water damages, like the backflow damages shown in this South Hills home.

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Apartment Building Faces Water Damage

If you’re facing water damage in your building or apartment complex, you can count on SERVPRO of Metro Pittsburgh East to get you back in business faster.

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Broken Pipe Floods Pittsburgh Property

When a water main pipe located on the 3rd floor, ruptured recently on a Friday Night, SERVPRO of Metro Pittsburgh East sent 3 emergency crews to handle the task of water extraction on this commercial property.

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Carpet Delamination

When water damage situations are left unaddressed, affected porous materials will rapidly start to deteriorate. This picture shows what will happen when soaked carpet is left unaddressed. At this point, the carpet delaminates, causing it to become unsalvageable because it was not mitigated properly. Don't let this happen to you! Call SERVPRO of Metro Pittsburgh East the next time you experience a water damage and we'll help save as much of your property as possible!

Long-Term Mold

The water heater closet is one of the most common places in the home to have water damage happen. Unless properly dried out, mold growth can start to form. Make sure you call in the professional the first time to avoid unnecessary secondary damages in the future.

Precision Techniques

Each damage scenario poses unique complexities and challenges. However, we approach each job with an open mindset and ready to apply the industry's best in structural drying techniques to get your house back to preloss conditions as quickly and professionally as possible.

Extraction Wands

Water Extraction is the first step of the Mitigation process for most water damage scenarios. Our commercial extractors are equipped with industrial strength Extraction Wands like the one in this picture. Once SERVPRO of Metro Pittsburgh East is called to the scene, we make water damage "Like it never even happened.

Advanced Drying Methods

Here at SERVPRO our goal is to always attempt to restore first, and if necessary, replace building materials once decided salvageable. In certain situations however, we use our state-of-the-art drying equipment like the Injectidry System to target hard to dry areas such as wall cavities behind drywall. Instead of cutting costly amounts of affected building material, we insert small hoses into the wall and 'inject' air into the wall cavity. In some cases, this option may prove to be the cost-effective alternative to demolition.